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Denali. Mt. McKinley

Denali. Mt. McKinley from Wikipedia

As you know my posts are a bit…whatever. I know the title of today’s it’s a bit weird, but let me explain.
This year (early May, to be precise) it’s a big birthday for me. OK, OK, I’m going to be 50. No big secret. I’ve been saying for a while that I wanted to do something a bit special. Not a party (I don’t mind parties but in general I prefer to meet with a few friends or even have chats with people in a relaxed atmosphere and not keen on organising anything big at this moment), but I fancied a biggish trip. I don’t know why I got fixated on Alaska. It’s always been an attractive place for me. I imagine movies, adventure books, and the ring of it, the variety of climates, the sheer scale of the place, the many activities, and the outstanding beauty…

Here if you want to read more about it in Wikipedia:


I’m sharing some pictures on Wikipedia in this post and I’ll share some other links that  I found interesting too.

Due to personal circumstances some of you who read my blog regularly will be aware of, I don’t think I’ll manage to make the trip this year (I wasn’t necessarily planning to do it on the date of my birthday but at a more convenient time, as with Alaska I think planning the right time for the trip is all important). If any of you have visited or has any specific tips or sites they use to plan their trips, I’d be very grateful, as I intend to do the trip, even if it might be next year….

Augustine Volcano

Augustine Volcano

The question at the top of the blog refer to what’s your Alaska? in the sense of, what’s that think that you’ve been thinking about doing for a while, the top of your bucket list, or simply something that you’ve always saved for some better time to do? For quite a while I wanted to jump off a plane in a parachute, although I did that quite a few years back (and I loved it! No, not in tandem, by myself, although of course you have to do a course, etc, etc…). Alaska is not the only place in my list of places where I want to go. Like my list of TBR books, that’s quite long but…

Did you realise it was quite this big?

Did you realise it was quite this big?

So go on, tell me, what’s your Alaska? 

As promised, I leave you a couple more links about Alaska that look very good (and it’s a way of having them handy for when I get down to planning the trip in more detail):

The Official State of Alaska Vacation and Travel Information (This one has beautiful pictures. Don’t miss them)


The Alaska Organisation (Expert Travel Advice from Alaskans)


Forget-Me-Not the State flower

Forget-Me-Not the State flower

Because this is me, and for somewhat evident but bizarre reasons, the post made me think of a singer whose real name is Olvido (Forgetfulness) but has always been known as…yes, you’ve guessed, Alaska. So here a couple of her songs from quite a few years back, that I love. Very eighties. Ah, ladies, if yo check the second one for the cover of the record (that now I have in CD, of course), you’ll see another reason why I love this album:

Alaska y Dinarama: ¿Cómo pudiste hacerme esto eso a mí? (How could you do that to me?)

From the same album: Deseo Carnal: Un hombre de verdad (A Real Man)

Thanks to all for reading, watching, and remember to pass any tips on travels that you might have, and comment, share, like and CLICK if you fancy! 

I've read this year they had to move further North because it was too warm.

I’ve read this year they had to move further North because it was too warm.