Writer's quote Wednesday. Thanks to Silverthreads

Writer’s quote Wednesday. Thanks to Silver Threadings

Hi all:

I don’t know you, but I admire those who can be consistent and also get people to join in projects that inspire and cheer people up. I’ve been following the blogging adventures of Colleen Cheesebro of Silver Threadings for a while and wanted to join in one of her regular blogging features. As I love quotes (and because it isn’t technically very demanding) and at Colleen’s suggestion, I’ve been trying to join in her Writer’s Quote Wednesday. You can visit her blog in the link and join in by posting during the following week and Colleen will find you and post your quote together with many wonderful others. It’s always one of the high points of the blogging week, so…don’t miss it!.

And to today’s quote. After thinking about a variety of possible  quotes I got thinking about movies, and then, somehow of final lines. And this one was my first choice.

Nobody is perfect! From 'Some Like it Hot' Dir: Billy Wilder

Nobody is perfect! From ‘Some Like it Hot’ Dir: Billy Wilder

I love ‘Some Like It Hot‘. From the title, to the cast, the slapstick, the quick and witty dialogues…Just in case you’re not familiar with it you can check the link to IMDB above, but in brief, this film directed by Billy Wilder is the story of two musicians (played by Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon) who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and witness the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago. Trying to escape their demise at the hands of the mob they find a job in a touring orchestra… Only it’s a female orchestra and that means our two friends spend a big part of the movie in drag (Tony Curtis is quite cute, Jack…). As a bonus, Marilyn Monroe is the singer of the orchestra. Love isn’t far for our friends and the ending is…

Here I leave you two links, so you can choose depending on how long you have, one to the short version of the ending (the ending proper) and one to a slightly longer version where you can see Marilyn too and a fair bit of running around. You choose!



In the discussions in You Tube some people wondered if audiences today would still find it funny. I surely hope so.  And as somebody said in one of the comments, Billy Wilder’s endings are all worth quoting, so there might be more to come.

Thanks to Colleen from Silver Threadings for the invitation, thanks to you for reading and watching, and if you’ve enjoyed it, think about taking part (is fun!), like, share, comment and be happy! Because, nobody is perfect!