I adore both Sally and Teagan. Sally does a great job of interviewing Teagan, who gracefully visited my blog very recently. Come and learn more about her.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

My guest today is Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene and I first encountered this terrific lady in blog land whilst browsing for interesting posts for Reblog Saturday. It is very easy to become hooked on her weekly 1920’s ghostly and culinary goings on in her current series Three Ingredients II. This adventurous romp has a feisty heroine, a charming hero and spirits that come and go that include the sad and mysterious woman whose demise is the core of this mystery, as well as a romantic chef and a “ghost-rider” cowboy. Teagan is also the author of Atonement, Tennessee, an urban fantasy that was a National Novel Writing Month winner in 2012.

She has other novels awaiting release. Tatterdemallian: The Electric Zucchini another urban fantasy which Teagan has embellished with what she calls a “steampunkery twist.” She’s editing and revamping the novel before she’ll let us see it. Teagan also has…

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