Goodbye, Hay.

Hi all:

“If you read this”…Yes, like in a novel or a movie if you read this…No, hopefully I’ll be OK, though. My case is not quite as dramatic. But I’ll explain…

Those of you who’ve been reading my blog for a while will remember that a few months ago I left my job to explore other things, do more of my writing, take on the translation of other writers’ work (if there was any demand) and learn about books. After my initial visit to Hay-on-Wye (see more here) I thought I’d love to spend more time there. I corresponded with Anne Brichto from Addyman Books and she kindly agreed to have me learning the business of the day-to-day running of a second-hand bookshop.

Gorgeous interior of Addyman Books
Gorgeous interior of Addyman Books

I started working (mostly learning) in June and it’s been great. I had hoped to stay the whole summer, but as you all must know by now, things don’t always go according to plan and life has a way of doing its own thing. Best laid plans and all that.

I had planned to do a whole series on my experience at Hay, and although I’d been keeping a diary whilst I’d been there, I still hope to be able to go back soon and carry on, so I’m postponing the series until I can re-start in earnest. But I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye. As I programme my posts in advance, if you’re reading this post that means that the matter that took me away is ongoing and it might take me a bit longer than I’d like to come back. So by the time you read this I won’t have been at Hay for a few weeks.

The highlights…

Me in Addyman Annex. I can't see without glasses, that's my excuse for the face
Me in Addyman Annex. I can’t see without glasses, that’s my excuse for the face

Getting to know a bit better Anne, Derek and the whole staff of Addyman Books. Thank to Anne for trying to teach me her insights into the business (old dog comes to mind) and the ins and outs of the art of cataloguing and Amazon world of wonders. And also for the friendship and the suggestions of places to go and things to do in Hay. I’m sorry we didn’t get to expand the activities more, but hope we’ll have time soon. Thanks to Marion who was unlucky enough to have me under her wing at Addyman Annex most of the time (Simon was lucky enough to be on holiday), and gave me her wisdom not only with regards to books, but also Hay and life in general. I’ll especially treasure the night out to celebrate Marion’s birthday in Hereford. “Oh what a night!” could have been written about it. Molly, I’m sorry I won’t hear more about your adventures but I’ll try and catch up soon…

Hay is a wonderful place full of character and characters. I love the cinema (Richard Booth is not only the King of Hay and has a beautiful bookshop/coffee shop but has diversified into many venues…from a Yoga studio to a cinema), the Castle, the market…

And I’ve loved spending some time at Annie’s house (hi Mike!) and enjoying her garden and its fruits (beautiful raspberries, peas, mange tout, beans…and more to come), the hens (that although now are not escaping they’ve decided to hide their eggs and every day is like an Easter egg hunt!), Flora (the cat) and Ivy (the dog). We’ve gone to the theatre together (not the god, cat and hens…), shopping, to the cinema, to the Tapas Bar, have chatted about life, have supported me…And Annie is quite determined that I should move to Hay, so we shall see…


I nearly forgot that we went to the Open Microphone at the Globe, but I leave you a picture.

Annie and Mike at the Globe
Annie and Mike at the Globe

Unfortunately  I had to leave before I could visit the area better, but I also include some random pics…


Brecon's cathedral
Brecon’s cathedral
View from Abergavenny Castle. Can  you see the people paragliding?
View from Abergavenny Castle. Can you see the people paragliding? Not sure I can either but they were there!
And a bit of the castle too!
And a bit of the castle too!

And my link to the previous post on my experience there.

Thanks to everybody in Hay-on-Wye, thanks to you all for reading, and you know about liking, sharing and all that….I hope to come back soon!


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Thanks Teagan. Yes, I had a great time and can’t wait to be back and see what’s in store next. Thanks very much and hope your week is also bright and positive.


At a guess you’re back in Barcelona. I can only hope that everything is alright there and not a major crisis that pulled you away.I had high hopes of you deciding to settle in Hay and maybe getting to visit some other parts of my country. I have the kettle on just in case.
Take care Olga. We all hope to have you back soon, safe and happy.
xxx Massive Hugs xxx


Thanks David. Yes, due to family circumstances I had to come back to Barcelona and things have been a bit up and down since although hope to be able to chance scenery soon if things settle. Yes, I’d love to explore a bit more next time and I maybe we can meet at one of your favourite places…:)


Thanks Vashti. I hope to be able to carry on with the series soon. I loved it there. And there will be more sharing… Looking forward to your posts too!


Unfortunately due to family health issues I had to leave Hay but hope to go again and carry on with more adventures (and learning) soon. Thanks Cate. Nice to see you back. 🙂


Thanks Sally. Yes, I look forward to my next visit and I hope to be able to join them for the festival fingers crossed!). I ended up getting a keyboard separate from the laptop one as that one was either too fast or too slow… Still, sometimes the creations out of the keyboards can be interesting 😉

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I’m sure you’ll love it. After plenty of people talked to me about it and having waited to go for a while I fell in love. It’s amazing.


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