Hay-on-Wye, here I come!

Hello everyone. Today is Tuesday and I bring you something a little special. I don’t  know if you remember but a few months ago I told you I had left my job and I was going to be trying other things. I spent some time in Barcelona, ​​visiting my parents, I came back to England, I published a  novella ‘Family, lust and cameras‘ (never hurts to do some advertising), I set about writing my new romance novel (‘ I Love Your Cupcakes‘ if I don’t change the title), and I’ve been translating my works and those of other writers.
But I had other plans. You will remember that I have talked about Hay-on-Wye before (here’s the link to the first post, in case you didn’t see it).

Hay-on-Wye's castle
Hay-on-Wye’s castle

It is a gorgeous town in Wales where there are many nice bookshops. ‘Town of books’. In 1962 Richard Booth (you can see a picture of his gorgeous bookshop that also has a lovely coffee-shop in my previous post) came and decided to open a bookshop. Many others bookseller followed suit, and now Hay runs an international literary festival every year, which has sometimes even been exported to other countries, and has become a haven for book lovers.

The clock tower in Hay
The clock tower in Hay

I would love to run a bookstore (the thing is complicated but what worthwhile thing isn’t) and I fell in love when I visited the place. Despite how much I like books, I have never had a business and I thought the best way to learn would be to dive right in. The first time I visited there I talked to Anne (co-owner of Addyman Books, in fact she and Derek have two more bookstores, Addyman Annex and Murder and Mayhem, of which there is also a photo in the previous post) and I told her I’d like to become a bookseller and to learn the business. After thinking about it, talking to friends (hello Sumi!) and thinking about it a bit more, I decided to get in touch with Anne. We spoke, I came back to see her … and now I have been here for a couple of weeks, learning the business of second-hand bookshops and enjoying life in the paradise of books.

One of the hens
One of the hens

I hope to do a few posts explaining how things are going. Right now I’m at Annie’s (no, not the same one), with Mike, Flora the cat, Ivy the dog and four hens who are great escapists (I used to find them outside more often than in the henhouse, although now their enclose has been reinforced and it’s like Fort Knox). I have spent most of the time in the Annex, but on Friday the 13th (very appropriate) I was covering ‘Muder and Mayhem’ a fantastic store, so I leave you some pictures.

Inside of 'Murder and Mayhem' a genre bookshops with plenty of atmosphere
Inside of ‘Murder and Mayhem’ a genre bookshop with plenty of atmosphere
Props in 'Muder and Mayhem'
Props in ‘Muder and Mayhem’

Oh, and the link to Addyman Books (although the website is undergoing some work).

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Thanks Teagan. I’m posting on something else next week. I might (need to make some definite arrangements) be interviewing somebody very interesting I’ve met here the week after (I think I shared his website with you) but there’s plenty of material…
Have a great day!


Is that near ham on why. lol my husband and I are Anglophiles and love The UK. We have traveled from lands end to Carilye and Scotland. We have stayed in Wales and had a great time. The only complaint from my husband was that there wasn’t many pubs. Congratulations and best wishes.


You must come back. There’re plenty of pubs around here…Mind you in this town mostly books, but there’s even a tapas bar…Thanks for the comment and hope you and your husband keep enjoying the trips…


Thank you Jackie! I agree. People kept telling me to visit in Goodreads and the first time I came I couldn’t believe it had taken me so long. I think they’ll have to drag me out of here now!


Olga, how come I never see your posts in English? I’m following your blog yet I only get the one in Spanish. Am I missing something, is there a translate button I can’t see?
Signed concerned and wondering. 🙂
BTW congrats on the plunge into the world of book selling.


Hi Laurie:
Bizarre. No, although both come out the same day, usually the English first, so it’s possible that it only sends the link to the second one or when you click only the most recent one appears. No I do write two separate ones (or write and translate from one to the other). I usually get e-mails but I sometimes miss some people’s. Today it kept telling me I had the wrong address for yours although I think it was a problem with the e-mail account.
I’m enjoying it. What will happen next…we’ll see…Thanks!


I’ll just have to dig deeper Olga. 🙂 Technology is great when it works. We certainly will see…..


Thank you! It might be an unusual one or ‘alternative’ but I hope it come to be in some way, shape or form. Thanks for the encouragement!


And thank Laurie. Yes, I spent time this morning creating something until I realised it was not possible to do it that way and I had to download something first, so now I don’t have time…Oh well, some other time!


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