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As usual on Fridays I bring you a guest (and recently also new books). A few weeks ago I shared a new book by one of the writers I know from one of the groups of writers in Spanish who had had her book translated (Blanca Miosi). Today I have another guest from the same group, Jordi Díez (this time from Terrassa, Catalonia), who’s had his bestseller  ‘El Péndulo de Dios’ translated to English, ‘The God Code’. If you’ve enjoyed ‘The Da Vinci Code’ I would have a look at this novel.

The God Code by Jordi Díez

The God Code by Jordi Díez

The God Code

Cècil Abidal, an experienced and well-known auditor for a non-profit organization, is asked to organize an auction for an antiquities’ lot of dubious origins found among the ruins of an old chapel. The artifacts’ value is not high but he´s assured the proceeds will fund humanitarian causes. He accepts the job even at the risk of his own reputation. However, what at first appears to be an ordinary sale of illegal antiquities, suddenly turns complicated when, at the last minute, an ancient codex is added to the inventory and a mysterious bidder pays a million euros for it. After the sale, and just as the codex´s falsehood is revealed, one of the auction’s “go-betweens” is murdered in unusual circumstances. In order to remain alive, Cècil needs to find the original codex. His desperate search takes him to Azul Benjelali, an old love and also an expert in ancient languages who disappears just as she is about to discover the location of a more than a thousand-years old relic that has been lost for centuries. Finally, with Mars´s (a mysterious and beautiful woman) help, Cècil races against time and is taken from one clue to the next while tracking the historical events that connect the Romans with the Templars, the Almogavars, Napoleon’s troops and the Nazis. This is a puzzle he desperately needs to solve before the secret falls into the hands of those who have been after it for centuries.


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