Net World Network Image courtesy of Vlado /

Net World Network Image courtesy of Vlado /


Hi all:

Like everything else, I got involved in blogging as a bit of an afterthought. I decided to publish one of my books The Man Who Never Was (even then, in October 2012, I had written a few but wasn’t sure if they were ready for publication. Who is ever sure?) and I read about publishing. And selling. You have to have a presence in social  networking sites, I read. And there I went. I signed myself for Facebook, Twitter… I met people and other writers through both, particularly Twitter, and I had interesting exchanges and advice from Magda Olchawska, who among her suggestions told me I should think about having a blog. There were so many suggestions I didn’t know how I’d manage to implement even a quarter of them. And then I was following a link one day and found myself reading somebody’s blog in WordPress. And very kindly the site asked me if I wanted to have a blog and I thought… hey, if you make it that easy… Of course once you start, you learn (a bit) and get going as best you can.

I’ve met wonderful bloggers, I follow many, I read as much as I can. I like (where you can, Blogger is mean and doesn’t allow you to like), I share, I comment when I feel inspired and have time for it…

As I’ve told you many times I’m a member of a group of authors, ASMSG (Authors Social Media Support Group). We share our concerns, technical problems, advice, joy, rants… And we’re blessed with people who keep coming up with new ideas to make us more visible. One of them was to join TRIBERR.

Triberr calls itself ‘Home of Influencers’ and it’s a place where you can create ‘tribes’ of people with similar interests or different interests, who blog. Then, you can share the blog contents for the member of your tribes in Twitter, in an easy sweep. There is a free version and a professional version. If you want to have a huge tribe, you’ll need the professional one, but the free one allows for tribes of up to 30 people. You can register on the link above, or log in using either Facebook or Twitter (but whichever one you use to log in, try and remember it, as otherwise you’ll create a second profile and will not see your tribes).

You’ll need to link your own blog to your account (depending on the blog it will be the RSS feed or the url/feed for WordPress blogs) and then you’re ready to join in the fun! You can create your own tribe, you can join others (check them and ask to join), you can be invited to tribes, and there is also the possibility of joining some of their publicity campaigns (depending on the content of your blog) and making some money. You can of course read what’s hot, look for blogs, and comment on them (I must say I don’t spend as much time as I’d like there but…).

Once you are a member of a Tribe, you can log in as often as you like (I try and do it at least once a day but it depends on the number of members and how often they blog) and the posts for the members of your tribe will appear in your stream, and you can share them in Twitter by just clicking a button. You can of course read them, comment, etc…That results in the posts being shared exponentially to many more readers.

I belong to one of the Tribes of the group of authors I mentioned but with another author created a Tribe (We really want to share this post) that it’s a bit lonely, so if you want to join us, let us know…

Oh, and if you create a new Tribe and want more members, let me know!

Another place I like is Networked Blogs where according to them ‘Great Content Meets Great People’. It’s another site that allows you to join and will add your blog to their network. If somebody you know in a networking site joins you’ll be informed and can follow them (and vice versa). You can rummage through the blogs there and follow any you find interesting, and it offers you a brief summary of the post, with share buttons. This is displayed in a daily panorama that allows you to see if blogging sites you’re interested in have posted anything new. I use them to find content I’m interested in and share in other sites (Pinterest, Google, Twitter, Facebook). It also allows me to share content of blogs for people I know and follow within a single website, without having to log in and out of various places. Have a look and see what you think!

I’m exploring Blog Loving at the moment and I’m sure you have your own favourites. Do share!

Thanks for reading, and as usual, if you’ve found it interesting, like, share, comment and CLICK!