English: Walt Whitman. Library of Congress des...

English: Walt Whitman. Library of Congress description: “Walt Whitman”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi friends and readers:

I’ve posted in the past about how people feel sometimes and how hard we can be on ourselves. I advised people that when we’re feeling that way and think we’ve done something really stupid, or wrong, or we’re wasting our lives, stepping back and trying to think what we would tell a friend, or even a stranger who told us the same might help. Would you tell them: Yes, you’re a failure, an idiot? Or would you try and give them some perspective and remind them of all their achievements? At those points when life looks dark we forget all the things we’ve done, the talents we have, our achievements, the little and big battles we’ve won.

Well, I thought today was the day to celebrate all these things. Achievements, things we’ve helped happen, causes we have supported, events we have witnessed, skills we have honed, wonderful creations…They don’t all have to be huge. It doesn’t need to be climbing the Everest (although that would be awesome), but all those little and big things that make a difference and we’ve contributed to. Pat in the back! Today is the day! Come and share!

In homage to the great Walt Whitman, Let’s celebrate ourselves! Because we deserve it! Well done!

Thank you for reading and make sure to like, share and comment! Any comments will be an achievement for me!