I have had some of my friends complaining that they could not work out how to download/buy, electronic books in Amazon (other sites are available but I don’t have any other electronic readers so can’t be of much assistance. I’ve bought books in Smashwords, and like anywhere else, you need to have an account and follow the instructions, although depending on the format it can be a bit tricky).

I thought about doing a video but unfortunately between my computer and my lack of technical acumen I didn’t get very far (the apps to capture screen images I understood would not download in my computer or were not trusted, others had disappeared and others…I just couldn’t work out), so here is one with images.

First things first, you must have an account with whichever is your local store at Amazon. You’ll need an e-mail address, you’ll need to create a password and if you’re intending to buy anything they’ll ask you for a credit or debit card (a bank card of some sort). I cannot show you the bit of setting it up (I’m sure there are ways to do it, but I already have an account and my computer knows that so…).

You can go to http://www.amazon.com If this is not your local store, you can always scroll to the bottom of the page and you have a list of other stores where you can click and it takes you there. If you try to buy an item in an store that is not your local the website will recognise that and ask you if you have moved (you can change your store) or direct you to click to go to your store.

What, will you ask, happens if I don’t have a Kindle? Can I still read electronic books? Well, yes. Amazon offers you the possibility of downloading an App for your PC, tablet or smartphone. If you search on the box for any book (you can go directly to Kindle store on the menu and that will only show you e-books) on the right it will show you the App. See here, highlighted.


Once you have downloaded that (and you can download it to more than one computer or device) any books you buy will directly appear on your reader. If you were to later buy a Kindle device, they will appear there once you’re connected, like if it were by magic (it’s fascinating if you’ve never experienced it. And you can make the letters bigger and smaller that it’s great for people who’ve just started using reading glasses. Yes, like me.).

Let’s say we want to buy a book. As an example, let’s say my new romantic novella ‘Click Me Happy!’ (yes, of course I’m trying to sell books too.)

We put the name on the search box, click search:


In this case I have a Spanish and English version. I’ve highlighted the English version. We click on that book:


I have highlighted on the right all the options. If you click on the top one (supposing you have an account, details of you card, etc), you are buying the book and it will appear on your reader. If you have more than one (PC, phone, Kindle)  you can choose which one you want to send it to from dropdown box (see following image) but you can also later go to manage your Kindle and download it anywhere else you want (I bought a device for my mother and can download the books to both in so far as they are connected via Wi-fi to the net).

You can also request a sample (tends to be the 10% of the book) and this will be send to your reader. You can check it and if you like it then buy the book. (If you notice, in the picture of the book there is an arrow saying ‘Look inside’. If you click there it also gives you an option to check inside of the book, not the whole book, but it also give  you an idea of if you’ll like it or not).

The third option is again to download the App wherever you wish, just in case you don’t have one. (Of course they also tell you that you can buy a Kindle and they’ll be happy to send it to you.)

Just for clarity, I clicked on the link that explains how buying works, and that is what comes up. I add it here for clarification.


Probably the video would have been better, but…I hope it’s of some use.

Thanks for reading. If you’ve find it useful, leave comments, share and get clicking! If you have any doubts, please ask, although I’m not an authority in the matter, but willing to try…And sorry to those of you who know this inside out…I promise to go back to writing about random things next week…Maybe…