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En progreso. Click me happy! Nueva historia romantica. Busco opiniones y sugerencias.

Hola  a todos. Aunque tengo muchos proyectos en marcha, (incluyendo acabar el epílogo de la serie ‘Escapando de la Psiquiatría’, traducir las tres novelas cortas al español y publicarlas como volumen único) de vez en cuando llega una historia que no te deja en paz hasta que la escribes, y ésta es una de ellas. Algunas de mis obras (publicadas y por publicar) contienen elementos de romance, pero no había escrito una obra puramente del género hasta ahora, pero supongo que nunca es tarde. Como dice Oscar Wilde, la única forma de vencer la tentación es caer en ella, y en eso estoy.

English: Oscar Wilde memorial, Dublin, Ireland.

Os traigo una pequeña muestra del primer capítulo y ando a la busca de sugerencias sobre un par de cosas (y naturalmente opiniones, aunque sé que es muy poco). Primero es el título. La historia (no estoy segura como de larga será, pero creo que una novela corta) se llama ‘Click Me Happy!’ en inglés. La protagonista que es muy cínica con respecto a romances, se ve envuelta (a regañadientes) en una relación a distancia usando social media. En español había pensado dejarla con el título inglés, pero también podría usar una traducción: ‘Hazme feliz on un click’ (que sería traducción más o menos literal), ‘Feliz al toque de un botón’, ‘El click de la felicidad’…O quizás dejar el título en inglés con subtítulo en castellano. No he decidido pero agradecería sugerencia y opiniones.

También ando a la búsqueda de ideas sobre la portada. Había pensado en un ordenador y…poco más.

Bueno, os dejo la muestra a ver que os parece y gracias por leer y sugerir.

Capítulo 1. Donde conocemos a la “heroína”

̶ No. ¡No otra maldita novela romántica! ¡Voy a vomitar de asco! ¡Anda, anda, mírala! Portada rosa con un tío macizo enseñando el pecho y una chica guapísima contemplándolo con lujuria. Y en el horizonte un castillo “escocés” de pacotilla. ¡No puedo soportarlo ni un minuto más!

Lilith Darville era mucho más atractiva de lo que se creía. Aunque no era una belleza arrebatadora (sea lo que sea lo que eso signifique) tenía un bonito pelo castaño que siempre llevaba corto (no tenía talento alguno para los peinados complicados), grandes ojos marrones almendrados, una peca que le favorecía mucho en la mejilla izquierda, nariz pequeña y boca bien definida. Una combinación la mar de agradable, pensara ella lo que pensara.

Solo se ponía maquillaje bajo tortura (y en ocasiones muy especiales), y aunque de pequeña estaba rellenita, entre comida sana y mucho ejercicio ahora estaba delgada y en buena forma. No era una top-model pero ¿quién quiere estar tan famélico de todas formas?

̶ ¿Cómo se llama? ̶ preguntó Debbie, encargada de la biblioteca y buena amiga de Lilith.

̶ ¿Qué importa eso? Se tendría que llamar Mira los musculitos de este tío, ponte caliente y compra mi libro. ¿De verdad hay alguien que se crea estas tonterías?

̶ No es cuestión de creer o no, Lilith. Es una fantasía. ¿Quién no querría salir con un tío guapísimo, ser el centro de su universo, que te envidien todas las otras mujeres y…?


Guest author post

Guest author Maer Wilson and her new novel ‘Relics’

Hi all:

I know most of my guest authors normally visit us on a Friday but after talking to Maer about her new book I decided it was time to bring you her news, as her book is published the 1st May. Maer is another one of my colleagues writers form ASMSG and she’s promoting her book ‘Relics‘.


Maer’s Bio

After a successful career being other people, and later teaching others the many tricks of that trade, Maer Wilson has decided to be herself for a while. Turns out she’s a writer. She’s always loved stories, especially fantasy, mystery and sci fi. Maer was born in the Year of the Dragon and has a dragon-themed room in her home, but sadly no dragons in the back yard. When she’s not writing, Maer plays online video games, teaches college and reads. She also co-hosts the literary podcast, “MythBehaving” and writes for two gaming fansites. She lives in the high desert of Southern Nevada with her two dogs, a chihuahua and a poodle. Relics is her first novel and will be released by Crescent Moon Press on May 1, 2013. You can visit her website at


Former actor and Southern Nevada resident Maer Wilson joins the ranks of published authors on May 1, 2013. Wilson’s first book, Relics, will be published by Crescent Moon Press. Relics is a Contemporary Fantasy that takes place in San Francisco and follows the exploits of husband and wife detectives, Thulu and La Fi. The couple’s clients are usually dead, which is fine with them since they work only with the supernatural. But their simple job to find lost relics for an ancient daemon turns into a grand adventure when the creatures of myth and magic return to Earth, confirming that humans are definitely not alone. You can find more information about Wilson and Relics at and

Book Blurb

Most of Thulu and La Fi’s clients are dead. Which is perfect since their detective agency caters to the supernatural. So, a job finding relics for an ancient daemon should be simple.

The daemon needs the relics to keep a dangerous portal closed. His enemy, Gabriel, wants the relics to open the portal and give his people access to a new feeding ground – Earth.

Stunning humanity with their existence, portals to other worlds begin to open and the creatures of magic return to Earth.

When Gabriel threatens their family, Thulu and La Fi’s search becomes personal. The couple will need powerful allies in the race to find the relics before Gabriel does. But maybe that’s what grateful dead, magical allies and daemonic clients are for.

When the creatures of myth and magic return to Earth, they’re nothing like your mother’s fairy tales.

‘Relics‘ Excerpt:

The door opened. A cool draft of air wafted my way, swirling the steam in the shower. I peeked out to see Thulu shutting the door behind him. It was a great view.
“So, have I ever mentioned that I’m a soul reader?”
I moved forward to clear the small waterfall and gave him a suspicious look. One never knew with Thulu.
“No, I don’t think you’ve shared that bit of information.”
“I’m quite good at it, actually.” He sat on one of the side seats and motioned to the one across from him. I moved to the other seat.
Nodding, he continued, “I’m quite surprised you didn’t know this. In some circles, I’m known as the Great and Wonderful Reader of Souls.”
Oh, really?  I’m shocked that this could have escaped my attention all these years.”
“Well, this is the perfect time for me to read yours. Being that you’re all pruney.”
I looked at my hands. They were pretty pruney. I shrugged and held out my hand palm up.

Praise for Relics

“‘Relics’ is a powerful read which will challenge long-held perceptions of good vs. evil and Light vs. Dark well after the book is finished.” Diane M. Haynes, author of Rift Healer, YA finalist in the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence.

“In Relics, author Maer Wilson takes everything you think you know about the creatures of the fantasy world and twists it around to create a unique and engaging story.”  Constance Philips, author of Resurrecting Harry and Fairyproof.

“The perfect paranormal detective, Wilson’s unique and suspenseful tale pulls you in and doesn’t let go.”  Jean Murray, author of Soul Awakened and Soul Reborn.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to CLICK ON THE LINKS!

Maer’s Website:

Maer’s Facebook:

Maer’s Twitter:

Relics at Goodreads:

Relics at Amazon:

Relics at Barnes & Noble

Relics – The Book Trailer link on YouTube

Guest author post

Guest author Diane Major. Fantasy adventure, children and young adult writer.

I met Diane through ASMSG one of the writers groups I belong to. She’s written a number of Young Adult novels and she kindly agreed to come and talk to us about her writing.

My Books:  Enmitus – The Transformation, Enmitus – The Children I am Nine, Children of Fury, Like Hell Itself, and Children’s BookMason and Bess, The Adventure Begins

Author: Diane Major

Genre: Fantasy

 Diane Major


Author Bio:

I grew up in Horden, a mining village in the North East of England.  I gained my professional qualification in Youth & Community Work, BSc Open Degree (Hons) as a mature student. During my career I worked both in the voluntary sector and then for local government which offered her the opportunity to develop many skills.   I worked with people of all ages and from a wide variety of backgrounds.  I enjoyed watching both staff and service users gain skills and become confident people.

I worked on my first book in the genre of fantasy adventure named “Children of Fury” for almost 2 years and at the same time completed my second novel “I am Nine.”   To date I have published 5 fantasy adventure books, a Children’s Book and am almost ready to publish a young adults story.

Now retired, I enjoy spending time with my family, writing, walking and fundraising for a local voluntary organization.

Mason and Bess Cover 2  (2)[1]

A little about some of my books:

Children of Fury : Within a period of turmoil for the immortals Heron is born.  A Fury like no other, Heron has a legacy for vengeance which spans thousands of years.  In England during the 1400’s he meets a young woman named Aimee who has already met her soul mate.  As their paths collide with catastrophic results a story of retribution lasting centuries and continents unfolds.

I am Nine:  Is about Naomi’s journey.  Something strikes and almost wipes out the Earth’s population.  Naomi is taken from her parents and grows up with strangers on a ship.  On reaching America Naomi and two other boys are sent on a scouting mission to find out if the land is safe enough for the community to build a new home.  Naomi is separated from her companions and faces danger, until something saves her.  On her journey Naomi faces great wild dogs and cannibals.

Enmitus – The Transformation: People leave a dying Earth and travel for centuries until they find their new home.  As they travel the people on board the individual ships become tribes.  One of the tribes settle on Serenitus and the adventure begins.  Corinna’s hand in marriage is promised to Omar who is already besotted with an evil woman.  Once this arrangement is made Corinna has to leave her home planet for Enmitus where she finds, hatred, deceit, cruelty, lies and love.  I am currently writing the sequel.

found where we expect it least……

How long did it take to write the books?

It took almost two years to write my first book and after that I found it took less time for each book.

What inspired you to write ? 

My interest in writing really started when I read C S Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia as a child.

When I did start writing I wanted to develop stories that would take people away from everyday life for as long as it would take them to read one of my books.

Talk about the writing process. Did you have a writing routine? Did you do any research, and if so, what did that involve?

I write every day but not at any set time.

What do you hope your readers come away with after reading your book?

Having enjoyed an escape from reality.

Where can we go to buy your books?

Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Waterstones

Amazon USA

Amazon UK:

Any other links or info you’d like to share?

 Thank you for reading and don’t forget to CLICK!

Autores Invitados

Autor invitado. Juanjo Díaz Tubert.

Hoy os traigo a un escritor al que conocí a través de Facebook ya que él también pertenece al mismo grupo que yo, autoresindies. Como yo estaba interesada en traer a escritores invitados a mi blog, él se ofreció amablemente a darnos una nota biográfica (otro autor de Barcelona. Es prometo que no es favoritismo, parece que nos gusta escribir mucho a todos) y un extracto de su novela.

Ya no os doy más la lata y os dejo con Juanjo.

Juanjo DT


Juanjo Díaz Tubert, nació en Barcelona, España, en 1963. Cursó estudios de humanidades en la universidad a distancia U.O.C. y de cinematografía en la escuela de medios audiovisuales E.M.A.V. Colabora en diversos blogs y talleres literarios y es autor de cuentos y esbozos de guión. A partir de marzo de 2012 publica en amazón “El jardín hueco“, novela distópica con éxito de crítica que le está reportando prestigio en amazón. Como el dice: “La novela es fruto de una decisión para adentrarse en la escritura literaria, un auténtico reto sin retorno para manejar historias aún más complejas, pues; el cuento se me quedó corto”.
Su labor profesional abarca la escritura de libretos, la Tv y los medios culturales.


“Y en los jardines de la mente insertaron un virus traidor…”

La sociedad se ha vuelto autista y sólo unos pocos tienen consciencia de lo que ocurre. El personaje principal (apodado Gust) cae en una depresión y decide romper con todo. Esa osadía le llevará a sufrir de mobbing en su trabajo donde ejerce de tecnócrata en un sindicato futurista. Convencido de que él se está convirtiendo en un autista, por culpa de un virus extraño, decidirá viajar a Sudamérica para visitar a un chamán y pedirle que le sane; sin embargo, por un hurto accidental todo se torcerá y acabará conviviendo con una familia humilde en un barrio lamentable de chozas donde compartirá con ellos el hambre y la pobreza… Y después de esa experiencia aclaradora tomará una decisión que cambiará su vida.

De forma paralela, a través de dos personajes algo freaks y, de estratos opuestos, veremos los efectos psicopáticos del nano-organismo. Los disparates existenciales de ambos harán de contrapunto a su parábola.

El jardín hueco es un reflejo de nuestra sociedad, una crítica irónica de nuestro presente enfocado hacia el futuro. Una auténtica novela de anticipación; kafkiana, esperpéntica y con una ironía demoledora.

Gracias a Juanjo por compartir y gracias a vosotros por leer. Y no os olvidéis de hacer CLICK!

Y un par de páginas sobre el grupo autores indies

La página de Facebook:

Para su obra en inglés:

Y echadle un vistazo a la página de Demonios de Formentera, que os encantará:


Guest author post

Preview of new novel! Blood Family by Mark Knight

My friend and fellow writer, Jodie Pierce (she’s also been a guest in my blog) told me about Mark Knight’s new novel (available since 7th of April) and asked me if I would host him as part of his blog tour. As you know I love to meet and introduce writers so, how could I resist? Also, I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to say no to the Queen of Vampires.

Mark Knight tells us a bit about his influences in writing, the type of characters he loves to write about and leaves us an extract of his new novel.


Mark Knight grew up in Massachusetts, USA. Settling in the UK, Mark continued to write novels of differing genres, including horror and television scripts. Mark has worked on scripts for Hollywood’s Little Slices of Death production company and one for Illusion Studios, for which he has recently signed an Option Acquisition Agreement. He also won several short story competitions, and has had his work featured in published anthologies. Mark concentrates now on Young Adult urban fantasy novels.

Mark Knight:

I fell in love with books and movies very early on. Roald Dahl, Planet of the Apes, Tolkien, Star Wars…they were all part of my journey. From age sixteen I was compelled to write my own.  I have always been fascinated by amazingly ‘out there’ type stories – be it fantasy, horror, or science fiction – that have an element of reality in them. You know, where you can say ‘Oh yeah, I can relate to that’ or ‘I know someone who has that problem’. To me, the more real your characters, their emotions, problems, etc, then the more thrilling it becomes when the fantastic comes knocking at their door.

For instance, Daniel Dark, the seventeen-year-old protagonist of Blood Family, has family problems that have led him to smoke weed and chug beer with his equally indolent friend. But then he discovers that he is a half-vampire with incredible powers. Finally, his dull going-nowhere life is supercharged.

Fifteen-year-old Solomon, hero of Solomon Grimm and the Well of Souls, comes from a broken home and suffers from hypoglycaemic attacks his diabetes. It screws up his life—until a gypsy curse renders him undead. Diabetes is the least of his problems now.

Dealing with the death of a parent was bad enough for Gunner Robinson. He has a sixth-sense, the ability to know when evil is near. Other powers are manifesting themselves as well, and they are getting him into trouble, at home and at school. Which is why he wound up in therapy. Telling the doc that he is a warrior angel reborn would definitely make things worse…


Blood Family: Quest for the Vampire Key

By Mark Knight


Publisher: Amazon

Illustrator: David M. Rabbitte


Release Date: 4/7/13


Genre: Dark Paranormal

Life as part of a debt-free, middle-class family in the New England suburbs should have been heaven.

But when your father is a Man of God and you’re a vampire, it sure can be hell.

Until the age of seventeen, Daniel Dark had no idea of his true origins. Something was ulcerating deep inside him, striving to claw its way free. Pastor Nathan Dark and his wife, Annie, had adopted him and brought him up as their own. But Daniel always felt that there was a secret they feared tell him…

Everything changes the day a mysterious package arrives at his home. It contains blood – human blood. It is a message from his true father – a vampire named Dominus. Daniel’s vampire half awakens and takes its first step out of the shadows. Vampires, Daniel learns, are not like in the movies. They’re worse, much worse, and cannot be killed by sunlight or stakes.

The once lazy, goalless youth transforms into sharp-sensed killer. Now, there is no turning back. On his trail is Pastor Nathan Dark, obsessed with destroying the boy he’d adopted as his own…

Armed with ever-evolving powers, Daniel sets off to find and free his birth mother, imprisoned by Dominus since the day of his birth.

It is a journey that takes Daniel to Mexico and the mysterious Mayan shaman woman, Xochil, guardian of Vampire secrets. From there the trail leads to misty moors of southern England, where he joins forces with Logan DuPris, a vampire hunter as attractive as she is deadly. Together they piece together the weird clues that lead to…

The Vampire Key

And now an excerpt of the book:

                                                                CHAPTER 13

As evening painted the sky a deep purple, Daniel stepped through his front door and looked around. As his life had changed, so too had all that surrounded him. He was sensing something. Daniel had never been one for deep thinking, but now his perceptions stretched themselves out over the landscape, over time, feeling out new possibilities and new horizons. He exhaled a big, purging breath, scratching the back of his head. Was he really going to do it? Leave home?

The ‘incident’ with Daelin had left him confused. Part of him had wanted to take advantage of her in the most gruesome and bloodiest of ways. Part of him wanted to protect her forever. Would it be best for her—and for him—to stay, or to leave? This wasn’t exactly something he could talk over with the town’s youth counselor. For the first time in his life, he had no one to fall back on. Future decisions would be down to him and him alone.

No more of this soul-searching crap. I want my bed.

Entering, he kicked off his sneakers and thudded up the stairs. As he grabbed the door handle to his room he halted. Mom stood there, down the hall, looking…defenseless.


“Just a minute, Mom.” He wanted to change his shirt a.s.a.p.—his unbidden hallucination had made him very sweaty, not to mention the sex play with Daelin.

He entered his room.

That was his first mistake.

Dad was waiting for him—he and six other pastors. Not one appeared to be in a forgiving mood.

It was a shock to Daniel—he hadn’t even seen any cars parked out front, not even Dad’s.

He then made his second mistake. He didn’t move quickly enough.

Another pastor, who had been waiting next to the door, kicked it shut. Then, the tallest of the ministers facing him shot him with what looked to be a crossbow. The arrow tore into the boy’s left shoulder, pinning him to his bedroom door. He roared in pain. Before the roar was over, an arrow pierced his other shoulder.

“I know you hate me for this, Daniel,” said Nathan Dark. “But I’m doing this to help you.”

“Help me?” spat Daniel. “You want to kill me!”

“It’s taken me years to put together this Deliverance Team, Daniel,” Pastor Dark told him. “And unlike even my own church denomination, our newly founded division knows about the existence of creatures like you.”

Creatures like me?”

“Yes,” said Nathan coldly. “Demons—like you.”

The pastors rushed at Daniel as he grasped the arrow shafts, trying to pull himself free. The seven men began shouting out religious passages at him, fear knocking their phrases out of unison. Five of them restrained Daniel while two others (including his father) performed the laying on of hands, placing palms on his head and chest. Enraged, Daniel bellowed back at them, irises turning blood red as his would-be deliverers watched in increasing terror.

And something else was happening: the arrows that impaled Daniel were dissolving, actually turning to ash and smoke before their eyes. Through the tears in his son’s shirt Nathan Dark could see the arrow wounds healing before his eyes—flesh growing and knitting, liberated blood retreating back inside the boy’s body before the holes closed.

Revivified, Daniel flung his arms outward in a mighty push, hurling the men to the floor. The deliverers howled in pain.

Nathan Dark regained his senses. His son was nowhere in sight. Then, hearing a sound like the panting of a wounded wolf, he looked up. Daniel clung there, defying gravity, hugging the ceiling like a bat.  Nathan barked through gritted teeth to the crossbow-wielder, who hastily reloaded his weapon of choice. He was good—very good—and had no trouble in unleashing another duo of deadly carbon shafts into the boy’s body—one in the leg, and the other in his shoulder. The idea was to get so many of them stuck in the youth that he would weaken long enough for the team to overpower him.  In this case, ‘overpower’ would mean one of two things—either to free him of his curse, or to free him of his life.

Detaching from the ceiling, Daniel landed in the center of the pastors, now on their feet in a rough circle. He spun, elongated nails gashing each face in rapid succession. Blood sprayed in all directions. The deliverers reeled back in pain. But Nathan avoided injury, stepping back just long enough to retrieve from his jacket the object that he had secreted there as a last resort.

There had been accounts of wooden stakes actually working against demonics and undead entities, but Nathan had never verified any of these accounts. Sure, maybe it was just movie nonsense. But this, right here, right now, was real. He was going to put right this terrible wrong—this boy’s abominable existence—in God’s name. He would succeed no matter what, even if –

Daniel had locked his gaze on to his father. The stake dropped from his hand. Pastor Nathan Dark grabbed his head as though trying to keep it from falling off. The look of sheer terror in his face was proof enough that the hypnotic assault was working.  The other members of the deliverance team watched, transfixed.

“No!” Nathan was screaming. “Don’t leave me in this place! Get me out! Take me out of here!” He was no longer in this world, not consciously. Daniel had succeeded in making this devout Christian man believe that he was in Hell.

It had not been difficult for Daniel to target his father’s greatest fear. But he didn’t know how long he could keep up the illusion. This ability was new to him, powered by raw instinct.

Sensing the approach of the other ministers, Daniel whirled to confront them.

“Keep back!” he warned. “Unless you want me to invade your little minds as well!” His own words frightened him. Never before had he spoken words like that, nor with such rage. What had he become?

Pastor Nathan Dark screamed even louder. Even Daniel had no idea as to what his Dad was seeing within his mind’s eye.

“Daniel! Stop it, now!”


Daniel was shocked to see that she’d entered. He released his father.

Jerking his head toward the window across the room, he barked at it as though giving an order. The windowpane shot up with a bang.

Daniel’s exit was a blur—a dark streak that could have been the boy taking flight. No one in the room would ever know.

He was gone.

Thanks to Jodie and Mark for bringing us this exciting new book and I leave you with links to Mark and his work. Thanks for reading and DON’T FORGET TO CLICK!

@markknightbooks (Twitter)

Guest author post

Guest author Mary Meddlemore. Long life to stories

I met my now close friend Mary Meddlemore (well, Mary is a character, who demanded to write her own story and the author […and although I know who she is I won’t reveal it…you can ask her if you want] seeing her determination and her love of stories could but agree) through the group of authors I’ve mentioned quite a few times now, ASMSG (logo and website attached to my blog). We got chatting on Facebook, then started exchanging e-mails, we organised a joint giveaway in January…and keep talking…and exchanging ideas about promotion, and writing….

I’ve loved Mary’s dedication to writing, and particular her love of stories. She makes no secret of the fact that she loves stories and stories possess her to the point where she has to write them as they demand it. In the case of ‘Forever After: A Dimensional Love Story’ one of the characters in the story, Mary Meddlemore (and she is a character and a half) insisted in writing the story. And it is absolutely wonderful. I’ve reviewed the novel (I leave you the link below) and loved every minute of it. And I’m very happy to say that Mary/Martie is working on the continuation of the story. And she has very ambitious plans indeed.

I leave you a sample of the novel, some links (Mary has a wonderful blog and has recently created a Facebook page that everybody who loves stories is welcome to visit and participate in) and my heartfelt recommendation of Mary’s books.


Sample of ‘Forever After. A Dimensional Love Story’

Andrew slowly got to his feet. He felt ancient.

There was a sudden sense of motion.

She was next to him, next to him, but when he turned his head, she was in front of him and he could only see her hair and the elegant motion of her hips and shoulders. He could have touched her. She walked right through the huge glass pane next to the door and was gone.

“Are you all right, Sir?”

Andrew nodded. His legs moved stiffly through the door the attendant held for him. There was no need to ask if somebody else saw her. It was obvious that nobody did, because she was not real. He could not set a trap for her and he would never be able to talk to her. She was some kind of … apparition.

He walked back to the office. It was overcast and freezing outside and he was completely crazy.

Mary’ s author page in Amazon:

Don’t forget to check her other books: ‘In the Reign of Ilev’ and ‘The Seventh Sheep’!



Mary’s blog:

And this is Mary’s new Facebook page:

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to CLICK!

Blogs to follow:

Autores Invitados

Autora invitada Raquel Antúnez Cazorla


Raquel Antúnez Cazorla es una de las escritoras que he conocido a través de un grupo de escritores en español (autoresindies) y como todos los miembros del grupo Raquel me ha impresionado por su generosidad para con sus compañeros, su imaginación, sus historias, y los fantásticos títulos de sus novelas.

Juzgad vosotros mismos.

Redes de Pasión (Tombooktu-Chick-Lit):


Las tarántulas venenosas no siempre devoran a los dioses griegos: (que tiene que ser uno de mis títulos favoritos)

Las tarántulas

Raquel me ha contado que está revisando una novela que está al caer y que si queréis saber más novedades sobre su obra, os podéis pasar por su blog:

Y naturalmente por su página en Amazon:

Y para ir haciendo boca os dejo con una mini-introducción a Las tarántulas, y por si eso no bastara, el trailer del libro, que tampoco tiene desperdicio.

Las tarántulas venenosas no siempre devoran a los dioses griegos (2ª edición)

Gea ha decidido que por el momento ya le han tomado el pelo lo suficiente como para no querer saber nada de hombres, después de que el cuernífero de su ex novio se fue con aquella cómo-se-llame.Un reencuentro con alguien que no esperaba volver a ver da un vuelco a todos sus planes …

Y el book trailer

Y fresco de la prensa, la nueva novela de Raquel:

Contra los limites


Diciembre de 1998, ella acaba de cumplir diecisiete, él pasa de veintinueve. Muy juntos, prácticamente abrazados. Noche estrellada desde el tejado del ático observando como duerme el pueblo, pero les separa un abismo: distancia, edad, miedo, familia… todo parece en su contra menos lo que el corazón dicta ¿Será suficiente para Erika y Gabriel?

Un entrañable paseo desde la adolescencia a la edad adulta de Erika, tendrá que tomar muchas decisiones que dirigirán su destino.

¿Se puede llegar a olvidar el primer amor?

Gracias por leer, y sobre todo, no os olvidéis de hacer click!

Si queréis más información sobre este grupo de autores os dejo unos enlaces.

Para su obra en inglés:

Uno de los videos de introducción del grupo:

Página de Facebook:

Y un artículo fabuloso:


Family stories

Conrado Miret. Missing. Spanish Civil War, French Resistance and mystery.


Hi all:

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll remember that I’ve posted on a few occasions about my mother’s uncles, Josep and Conrado Miret, and the research that one of my cousins, Juan Molet, is pursuing trying to find all the information possible about their fates and stories.

Both brothers were involved in politics (PSUC, Partit Socialista Unificat de Catalunya) in Catalonia (Barcelona) and Josep was in the government of the Generalitat at the time of the Spanish Civil War. When this was lost to Franco’s troops both brothers exiled to France where they continued their political task and got involved in the French resistance, reorganising the party abroad.

Josep was captured, sent to Mathausen and died in Florindorf.

Members of the French resistance group Maquis ...
Members of the French resistance group Maquis in La Tresorerie, 14 September 1944, Boulogne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Conrado’s (the one on the right) fate is a bit more mysterious. With his brother he got involved in the French Resistance against the Nazis, and it seems that he had a role protecting some important members of the militia and also intimidating the traitors. (I know he was a rugby player, so I suspect he must have been quite a strong man). He was in charge of the OS-MOI (armed groups of various nationalities fighting with French resistance). Amongst other actions they were involved in destroying two German military convoys, setting fire to a German garage, and attacking the factory SOGA with Molotov cocktails.

He was arrested in February 1942 during a fight and he disappeared without a trace. He was not present at the trial of all his colleagues, and it is suspected that he died tortured at the hands of the Gestapo. My cousin received a letter from the French Ministry of Defence where they could only confirm that he had been arrested and imprisoned in Fresnes ‘for terrorist activity’ on the 27th February 1942. The prison had not death certificate or other documentation about him.

Thanks so much for reading and if you have any information or know of somebody who studies the field and might have access to sources we’d be very grateful.

Historias de familia

Conrado Miret. Desaparecido. Guerra Civil Española, Resistencia Francesa y misterio.


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Si seguís mi blog puede que recordéis que he publicado varios posts sobre los tíos de mi madre, Josep y Conrado Miret, y sobre mi primo Juan Molet, que lleva tiempo intentando compilar información sobre sus destinos e historias.

Los dos hermanos estaba metidos en política (el PSUC, Partit Socialista Unificat de Catalunya) en Cataluña, (Barcelona) y Josep estaba en el gobierno de la Generalitat durante la Guerra Civil Española. Cuando los Republicanos perdieron a manos de las tropas de Franco, los dos hermanos se exiliaron a Francia donde siguieron con su tarea política y participaron en la resistencia francesa, reorganizando el partido en el exilio.

A Josep lo capturaron, lo enviaron a Mauthausen y murió en Florindorf.

El destino de Conrado (el de la foto de la derecha) es algo más misterioso. Con su hermano se metió de lleno en la resistencia francesa contra los nazis, y parece que una de sus responsabilidades era proteger a importantes miembros de la milicia y también intimidar a traidores (sé que jugaba a rugby así que sospecho que debía ser un hombre fuerte). Estaba a cargo de la OS-MOI (l’Organisation special-Main d’ouvre immigrée) un grupo armado con milicianos de varias nacionalidades que luchaban con la Resistencia francesa. Entre otras acciones tomó parte en la destrucción de dos convoys militares alemanes, le prendió fuego a un garage alemán, y fue uno de los que atacaron la fábrica SOGA con cócteles Molotov.

Members of the French resistance group Maquis ...
Members of the French resistance group Maquis in La Tresorerie, 14 September 1944, Boulogne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lo arrestaron en Febrero del 1942 durante una acción, y desapareció sin dejar rastro. No estuvo presente en el juicio de varios de sus compañeros, y se sospecha que murió bajo tortura de la Gestapo. Mi primo recibió una carta del Ministerio de la Defensa Francés donde solo pudieron confirmar que lo habían arrestado y había estado en la prisión de Fresnes ‘por actividades terroristas’ el 27 de Febrero del 1942. La prisión no tenía certificado de defunción ni otros documentos sobre él.

Para más información leed este post. Cualquier pista se agradece.

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Para que no os olvidéis os dejo un video fabuloso sobre el grupo de escritores autores indies, que ha creado nuestra compañera Mercedes Gallego:

Y este post de mi amigo Javier Almenar, donde habla de mí:

Autores Invitados

Autor invitado Enrique Ríos Ferrer. El Juicio de Dios

Hoy como todos los viernes tengo el placer de traerles a un gran escritor como invitado. Enrique Ríos Ferrer es otro  escritor del grupo de autores indies y está teniendo un gran éxito con su obra ‘El juicio de Dios’. (Usad este enlace para obtener más información sobre el grupo:

Primero una pequeña biografía para que podáis conocer a Enrique un poco mejor (y también es de Barcelona, como yo!). Es un hombre de lo más interesante!

E Rios Ferrer

Ríos Ferrer es autor de la novela “El Juicio de Dios“, un apasionante thriller donde se narra cómo un prestigioso bufete de abogados de Nueva York, se enfrentará a los mejores hombres del VATICANO, en la batalla legal más increíble de la Historia. Una novela que está dando que hablar en todo el mundo por su complicada y controvertida trama. Natural de Barcelona (España), su vida transcurre en un entorno familiar relacionado con el mundo de la música, la pintura y la escultura. Desarrolla patentes industriales de utilidad y de invención, relacionadas con el mundo del espectáculo y el cine. Especialista en sistemas de percusión, sobre todo en el estudio acústico del tratamiento de la madera para baterias de grupos de rock. Fue precursor en aplicarlo al desarrollar los timbales de un parche con fibra, tanto para actuaciones como para salas de grabaciones de discos. Entre los artistas que han utilizado alguna de sus patentes, se encuentran desde Julio Iglesias a bandas como Héroes del Silencio o músicos de Duke Ellington. También se han utilizado en teatros como el del Liceo de Barcelona o el Real en Madrid. Para cine ha creado cabezales basculantes para cámaras de doble mando y “dollys” para “travellings” en corto, en sustitución de raíl. Pinta y ha hecho inmersiones en el mundo de la escultura. Incluso creado bocetos para algunos escultores reconocidos, como Orensanz, y que actualmente se exhiben en distintos lugares de EEUU. Es especialista en sistemas domóticos de aplicación a través de nodos en edificios inteligentes y sobre todo de su adaptación a viviendas para personas con discapacidad. Como Creativo publicitario ha dirigido varios programas de radio y televisión relacionados con la tecnología domótica. También ha diseñado campañas en ese sentido, para Telefónica y otras. Dirigió asimismo dos revistas relacionadas. Ha realizado campañas publicitarias para vallas de exterior y mupis. En cine ha sido guionista de spots publicitarios para Movierecord de exhibición en salas grandes. También como guionista ha participado en el trailer de su propia novela “El Juicio de Dios” y que se puede ver en la red a través de You Tube. En el aspecto literario, ha escrito varias obras para teatro de vanguardia. De una de ellas; “Sombras” probablemente se realice una adaptación (corto) en cine de ensayo. Ha sido articulista para prensa y revistas, casi siempre bajo el prisma profesional y técnico. Tiene varias novelas escritas,una de ellas será la que abrirá una serie policiaca, con un detective atípico cómo protagonista. El JUICIO DE DIOS es la primera publicada a nivel internacional. Ha sido elegida por los blogs literarios españoles como una de las mejores novelas de 2012 publicadas en el país. En estos momentos se encuentra escribiendo lo que será una trilogía de fantasía infantil juvenil, para su posible adaptación en serie de 13 episodios para la T.V. en Latino América. Entre sus autores favoritos se encuentran; Salgari, Dumas, Twain o Verne. Hemingway, Reverte, Chandler o Christie. Sin olvidar a Cicerón y algún que otro clásico. Su lectura favorita de siempre es El Quijote de Cervantes.

El juicio de Dios

VATICANO Un secreto guardado durante Siglos, y una mujer sola, enfrentada a un mundo despiadado regido por la ambición y el poder.
Sus preguntas no iban a obtener respuesta, pero provocarían que la más dura batalla legal de la Historia, estuviera a punto de producirse.
Los mejores abogados del mundo estaban preparados. Los de la Iglesia; para impedirlo.
UNA JOYA EN AMAZON, Mayo de 2012
Por Blanca Miosi (Caracas, Venezuela) Autora de los Best Seller mundiales; La Búsqueda, El Manuscrito, El Legado y La Ultima Portada.
Como ya expuse en mi blog; una novela muy recomendable por su originalidad y por su complicada trama, digna del mejor de los orfebres
¿Sabían que en la época del Emperador Constantino se efectuó éste Juicio a Dios? Los documentos de tal evento permanecen ocultos en algún lugar del Vaticano. Esta novela saca a relucir algunas de las intrigas que se utilizaron para preservar la fe y el poder de la Iglesia hasta nuestros días.
Una novela, cuya fuerza e intensidad en los diálogos no deben perderse.
En medio de una trama de tanta acción, agradecí especialmente la primera conversación entre el cardenal Noldo y el encargado de la Biblioteca del Vaticano, Roncelli; para mi gusto un ejemplo de cómo hacer un diálogo en el que se destila humor sin que el narrador intervenga demasiado.
No voy a adelantarles el final, pero a mí me satisfizo una enormidad. Pude respirar tranquila, y lo digo literalmente
Una novela para disfrutar.
Si hacéis click aquí podéis disfrutar del fantástico trailer de la novela
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