Today as usual on a Friday I bring you a guest author. I met Judith through a group of Spanish writers who were kind enough to open their arms and their Facebook group to me. They are independent authors (indies) and also ‘autores con alma’ (authors with a soul) It’s the same group that Manuela Herrero Palomar (you remember her Burmese Stories) introduced me to, and you’ll know them in Twitter as they tend to use the #indiebooks. If you read in Spanish (and some of them have versions in many languages) keep an eye open not only for Manuela and Judith but for all of them and you won’t be disappointed with their books. And there’ something for everybody. That was one of the things that most impressed me from Judith, her sheer enthusiasm, her love of writing, and how she likes to try and experiment in all the genres she loves. Whatever type of book you like to read, Judith is your writer, as she will explain. And now I leave you in the hands of the talented Judith who will tell you a bit about herself and also gives you an introduction to her books so far…Because there’s much more to come!

First: thank you Olga for hosting me in you blog.

In my life, books have always been my greatest passion, both reading them and writing them. Maybe for that reason since I was a child I always had a book in my hands or I was writing in my notebook; I got my diploma in Biblioteconomy (Library Economics) and Documentation and a degree in Documentation.

As a reader you’ll always find me with either a book or an e-book in my handbag, and I host a radio programme where I offer reviews and discussions about books and film adaptations, it there are any new ones.

My adventure as a writer goes as far back as being a little girl playing with my dolls and inventing stories, that I soon started putting down in paper y transforming into tales and narrations. I carried on writing, and every so often I tried to get my novels published by a publishing company. It was a long, hard and frustrating affair, as it involved sending numerous manuscripts and query letters and receiving no feedback. It also seemed not very safe as I didn’t have control over what happened with my manuscripts. And when I got any offers they implied a major financial cost for co-editing.

Finally, in April 2012, for the Day of the Book (23rd April in Spain, celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Cervantes), I read an article about independent authors in Amazon, and I saw an opportunity opening before me. Amazon has revolutionised the market, offering a unique opportunity to all writes of publishing their work free of charge to a world audience. There is no middle man, from the moment you submit your manuscript you know that within 48 hours it will be available to readers, and that saves waiting for months for the replies of publishers. Also, you can choose the price and Amazon keeps a percentage of the benefits, whilst you keep the rights to your own novel.

Since July 2012 I have published 4 novels in Amazon: two in the genre of young adult fantasy and adventure, one in the genre of science fiction and the other one historic romance fiction.

The process for each one of them has been very laborious, because being an independent writer I have sole responsibility for all phases of publication (correcting and proofreading, formatting, designing the book cover), I have created the marketing campaign and have implemented it. In all these phases I’m very grateful to all the people who have offered me support and their names appear in the chapter of “acknowledgements” of each novel.

In summary, being an independent author requires commitment and an important daily effort, but it is worth it if it brings you to readers’ attention. Every time a reader tells me that one of my novels gets them “hooked”, it motivates me to carry on working to bring them all the stories that are boiling in my head. For that reason my current policy is to sell my novels at very low prices and offer them free every so often. The free promotions (giveaways) have been very successful with more than 500 downloads in five day during the promotion of my novel “La casa de las brumas” (‘House of Mist’) in January 2013. Regarding sales, they have got me many times to the top in specific categories for each novel; that allows me to reach new readers and also helps me become a household name. It is always encouraging to think that without the support of a publishing company, I’m sharing bestseller lists with books such those in the ‘Twilight’ series, ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘The Hobbit’, etc.

My immediate projects, apart from further writing, are to publish in Amazon the other novels I have completed and to continue with my marketing campaign for all my books.

Finally, it will be a pleasure to be in contact with readers and hear their opinions through:



I enclose information about my novels. All of them are available in all Amazon stores worldwide.

Saga “Lectores de almas”: La lectora de almas (Género Ciencia Ficción y Aventura) (Series “Soul Readers”: The Soul Reader (Genre Science Fiction and Adventure)

 Lectora de almas


On the 21st December 2012 an energy change in the magnetic field of Earth created a new race of human beings with a power unknown up to that point: the Healers, also known as “Soul Readers”. They became instantly famous. All countries wanted a piece of them, until they realized that they could never use them as they wished. The rage, the ire, the envy and even the fear towards this new race slowly got hold of the population. At the same time violence was spiraling out of control around the world following centuries of slow build up, and what should have been the beginning of a new era of peace, love and light, became the beginning of a World War that nearly destroyed the whole planet.

98 years have passed and the only bit of Earth that is still inhabitable is a small territory in what used to be the Iberian Peninsula. There was a new government, a dictatorship of terror. The only possible saviors, the Healers, were systematically hunted and annihilated. However, a Healer can bring peace to Earth, but to achieve that she has to confront great perils and dangers with the help of the Army of Light.

The series “Healers of the New World” begins and the fight to save Earth is only starting…

Saga “Hermandades”: La mano de la hechicera (Género Juvenil Fantasía y Aventura) Series “Brotherhoods”: The Sorceress’s Hand (Genre Young Adult Fantasy and Adventure)

La mano de la hechicera

An evil witch and a curse that takes a life in each generation.

A mansion where nobody is who they seem to be.

Two sixteen years old girls and best friends who will have to face love, magic and their own fears if they want to survive the witch’s attack.

A Brotherhood of powerful university warlocks prepared to risk everything to save the two girls.

A powerful “Circle of Shadows” only interested in exterminating the witch, even if the price is the death of the girls.

The series “Brotherhoods” begins…and all those involved will have to risk their magical powers, their love and friendship to avoid more deaths.

Saga “Lunas”: Luna de exilio (Género Juvenil Fantasía y Aventura) (Series “Moons”: Moon of exile (Genre Young Adult Fantasy and Adventure)

                                                Luna de exilio

An old prophecy that states: “From the union of a witch and a warlock of the most ancient lineage an invincible power will be born.”

Two adolescents called to fulfill the prophecy: Alyssa, a white witch, 17 years old, and William, a black magic warlock with two obsessions: power and Alyssa.

After the death of the last great Mage and president of the Grand Council of Warlocks, the black magic threatens the kingdom and Alyssa, escaping from William, has to exile herself to the human world and live a normal life in High School.

However, black magic finds a way of stalking her to her new home and Alyssa must take important decisions to save those she loves.

The series “Moons” begins, and adventure, romance and fight have just started.

La casa de las brumas (Género Ficción histórica romántica) (The House of Mist, Genre Fictional historic romance)

La cas de las brumas

England, XIX century:

A mysterious and desirable woman, Elle, of wild beauty and cat-like eyes who lives in hiding in the Secret mountain where, according to ancient legends, many years ago the witches of the county would meet to cast their spells and give the mountain extraordinary powers.

A young woman, Lis, who aged 17 has only known violence and pain, is robbed or her innocence by a seducer and finally finds real love in a romantic youth of uncertain fate.

Dr Kruskla, Lis’s lover, finds a secret diary and he uses it to give Elle the zest for life again.

Love, treachery, life and death, hope and tragedy intertwine in a novel written following the style of the famous female writers of the XIX century (Jane Austen, the Brönte Sisters…)

Thank you very much to Judith for visiting my blog and to all of you for reading. Remember that reading opens new horizons.

And next week….more!