HAPPY NEW YEAR! This week is the last on the series of specially selected posts and today I have two posts. One is the very well received post in English and Portuguese sharing one of my friend Susana Araujo’s poems. The post in Spanish is another guest post introducing the work of my friend and fellow Indie author Manuela Herrero Palomar. And Friday: guest author Barbara Phinney.

I met Susana Araújo when we were both working on our PhDs at the University of Sussex. She was working on the short stories of Joyce Carol Oates and I was writing about the films of David Mamet. We shared our joys and frustrations, taught the same courses on film, and noticed how both of our authors were very prolific and it was difficult to keep ahead of them (when you thought you had finished, they published something else and/or made another film!). We also were both legal aliens in the UK, Susana from Portugal and I from Spain and we had lovely conversations about what gets lost in translation, the weather, Brighton…Yes, we liked to chat (we still do).We both used to write too and would talk and comment on our writing.

My friend is back home in Portugal and a lecturer in Lisbon. When we re-established contact again (it’s amazing who quickly time can go!) and I was telling her about my book she send me her collection of poems. Dívida Soberana. The first two parts are exclusively in Portuguese but the third one about ‘Global Warming’ contains poems in both Portuguese and English. I’m including here the first of them, that like all in the series, are not only beautiful but critical and throw a few punches.

I’m very please to host her work in my blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and it makes you think, that is what Susana wants.


Tu vacilas, não queres ouvir e eu

não vou ter contigo a meio caminho

deposta, abandonada e irrisória

a ponte de ferro quebra-se

assim que o FMI avança

Um casal ainda criança

já refinancia

os seus juros

Não há compensação

para quem sonha severamente

enquanto espera pelo autocarro

durante o horário de Inverno

Vê agora, lá fora: uma

família que forja falsetes

tenta agarrar-se à rede,

frívolos esforços em que

os nossos filhos falham

O estímulo ao investimento

de iniciativa privada promove

a utilização proveitosa dos nossos

recursos: como esta faca de cozinha

que avança para nós com serrilha, sorrindo

combinação certeira entre a ergonomia

o melhor design e a qualidade

Todas as domésticas suturas serão

submetidas a uma rigorosa

análise de sensibilidade

Dorme bem, meu amor e

deixa a manhã reestruturar

a nossa dívida.


I will not meet you, halfway

teetering, you will not listen

deposed, derelict and derisory

the iron bridge breaks as

the IMF rides in

A couple aghast


its bounds

The test was trust it hurt

because I needed you


There is no compensation for

dreaming hard as winter hours

See outside: a family of falsettos on tricottine

facetious, our children fail

Official incentive to private investment

promotes the profitable use of resources

like this kitchen knife that moves toward us

with serration which trims down and back, smiling

the right combination between ergonomics

quality and design

Domestic sutures should be submitted

To severe sensitivity analysis

Sleep tight my love and

let the morning restructure

our debt.

Check www.amariposa.net to order some copies.


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