Hi all:

I don’t know if I’m unique in this, but I not only love reading and writing, but I’m fascinated by books and films about writing and writers. I can listen to interviews with my favourite writers without ever getting bored and I love it when authors I like write about…writing.

I was reflecting on how many horror stories there are about writers who end up locked up in a nightmare of their creation, or stalked but their fans (Stephen King‘s     Misery is a great example of the genre, and the film adaptation, like many of King’s materials, good in its own right). Crime writers see their crime novels copied by killers. And of course now we have Castle but who could forget Murder She Wrote?

I recently watched Ruby Sparks that I loved. Young man who wrote an incredibly successful novel when he was really young but 10 years later hasn’t managed to write anything else (yes, the one hit wonder). He starts dreaming about this girl, talks to his psychiatrist (great Elliot Gould) who suggest he writes about her and that seems to solve his writers block. Better than that, she comes to life and then, the story changes from wish-fulfilment into a strange version of Pigmalion where the writer can’t decide what he wants her to be. The story is really about him and about his need to realise that dreams are not real and nobody is perfect. Or, if you love somebody  you have to set them free.

This is all a roundabout way of getting to what I wanted to tell you. I hope you have the same love of writing and writers than I have because I’m planning on getting guest authors to come to my blog and talk about their writing process, their inspiration, their likes and dislikes, their projects…anything they like, really. For the moment I’ll let it be a surprise, but I’m hoping for guest next Friday.

In the meantime, so you don’t forget about my book, I have a new trailer that Magda Olchawska has created for me (I’ve posted about her before).

I’ll have to give you the link as it seems I cannot post the video itself.

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